“Tulips” di Mike Van Diem

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{it} – Sinossi

Un investigatore (Giancarlo Giannini) si imbatte, durante le indagini per una esplosione, nella storia incredibile di un olandese che, fuggito dai Paesi Bassi in bicicletta dopo le inondazioni del 1953, era giunto in Puglia con l’idea di coltivare tulipani.

{en} – Synopsis

An explosion takes place in a cave near a quiet Southern Italian Village. A police inspector (Giancarlo Giannini) finds the body of an disheveled hermit, who was once a powerful mafia kingpin. Investigation quickly leads to a young Canadian woman who recently travelled to the village to scatter the ashes of her deceased Italian mother.
When she is interrogated, the inspector learns that upon her arrival the local villagers welcomed her back as the long lost daughter of a legendary father: a stubborn Dutch farmer who once rode his bicycle all the way from the South of Holland to grow tulips in the sweltering heat of Puglia. Before he knows it, the inspector is indulged with passionate and colorful tales of this man’s miraculous flower trade, his willful run-ins with the local mob and his turbulent love live. But as every eyewitness recounts his own version of the story, the line between fact and fiction becomes delightfully blurry.



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