“One Little Finger” di Rupam Sarmah

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{it} – Sinossi

Una neurologa americana (Tamela D’Amico) sradica la sua vita per studiare musicoterapia in India e finisce per aiutare le persone con disabilità riunendole attraverso la musica.

{en} – Synopsis

Raina, an American neurologist, uproots her life to research music therapy in India, and finds herself teaching children and adults with disabilities. By bringing them together through music and inspiring them to challenge themselves through their abilities, their lives are transformed. Den and Angel, though they are disabled, want to contribute towards the betterment of society by overcoming their physical challenges. As they come of age, they must learn to cope with abuse and bullying. Their lives intersect with Raina, who is struggling to further her research. Raina’s philosophy and life changes while she is in India, where she is touched by the beauty of the culture and the stories of children with disabilities. Through her experience, she understands that balance of mind, body, and soul are vital in realizing the true value of life. Disability is a perception; ability is what we believe.



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