The Festival

“The Militello Independent Film Fest  was born from the suggestion of open a window on independent cinema in Militello. The event, under the artistic direction of the director Daniele Gangemi, will be held from 31 August to 2 September and the interesting locations will be two: Piazza Santa Maria della Stella, for the three evenings of the event conducted by the presenter Simona Pulvirenti, and the Tempio Theater for the daytime projections of the selected works. Nevertheless, all Militello will be involved in this magical atmosphere that only cinema can give, thanks also to the contest dedicated to young people that will transform the entire country into an open-air location for the short films that will be made on site by the participants over a pre-established time and with general indications. The jury, composed of excellent exponents of international cinema, will award the best works in the following categories: feature films, documentaries, short films and video clips. Candidates must register their works through the FilmFreeway platform ( not later than 31 July 2019.

Organization chart of the Festival

  • Artistic Director: Daniele Gangemi;
  • General Organizer: Caterina Grillo;
  • Responsible Contest-Youth: Giovanni Troia;
  • President Contest-Youth: Fioretta Mari;
  • Jurors Short Film Contest: Dani Pilli, Claudia Vismara;
  • Presenter: Simona Pulvirenti;
  • President of the Jury:
  • Jurors:
  • Guest of honor MIFF2019: